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Lambton Dental, Keeping You Smiling

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    Lambton Dental, Keeping You Smiling

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      It is our endeavour to keep you smiling by creating a smile that is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. We follow and apply the latest scientific advances in dental prosthetics, materials and principles. Every treatment is individually tailored to achieve the best aesthetic and biofunctional result.

      Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

      Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System

      Teeth may also be stained intrinsically or extrinsically

      • Intrinsic staining may be caused by, for example, dental fluorosis by drinking water with very high concentrations of fluoride in it when the teeth are developing. Tetracycline antibiotic use in children under the age of 12. It may even from a tooth nerve dying and not having root canal treatment immediately
      • Extrinsic staining may be caused by cigarette smoking, drinking red wine, tea, coffee and even certain antibacterial mouthwashes
      • Extrinsic staining is much easier to treat than intrinsic staining
      • Tooth whitening substances such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are used to whiten teeth.

      Smile Makeovers

      Keeping you smiling!

      Missing teeth and / or skew teeth can be replaced / reshaped with porcelain veneers or crowns to redesign the entire smile to achieve an aesthetic and biofunctional result which is tailored to each persons individual smile.