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    Lambton Dental, Keeping You Smiling

      Lambton Dental

      Offer The Following:

      It is our endeavour to keep you smiling by creating a smile that is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. We follow and apply the latest scientific advances in dental prosthetics, materials and principles. Every treatment is individually tailored to achieve the best aesthetic and biofunctional result.



      We offer orthodontics for selected cases. Our philosophy is a face focused orthodontics to ensure harmony and symmetry of both the smile and the face. We offer braces to children or adults and also offer clear aligners for selected cases.

      • In office treatment alone

      Teeth Whitening

      & Bleaching

      Teeth whitening is done with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, this treatment can either be done in office or at home.

      • In office treatment alone
      • In office with home treatment
      • Home treatment alone



      The following treatments are available to replace teeth:

      • Implants using either implant supported crowns, bridges or dentures
      • Crowns and bridges metal free porcelain or porcelain with metal substructure
      • Removable complete / partial metal and acrylic dentures / false teeth


      Porcelain Veneers / Crowns

      Veneers change the colour and / or shape of the facial surfaces of the teeth which are visible when smiling.

      • Crowns and bridges restore a severely damaged tooth to an ideal tooth. They may be metal free or porcelain with metal substructure

      Root Canal


      This is when the nerve of the tooth has died. Remnants of dead nerve is removed and disinfected with Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine.

      • The root canal which houses the nerve must be cleansed of all remnants of the dead nerve and disinfected. The root canal is then filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha and a cement used as a sealer
      • This creates a seal at the top and bottom of the root canal, which prevents microorganisms from colonising and infecting the root canal system. This prevention of microbial colonisation allows the tissues around the tooth, which become infected when the nerve dies, to slowly heal
      • Root canal treatment saves the tooth and prevents the tooth from having to be extracted

      Fillings &


      The goal of a filling / restoration is to restore tooth function, aesthetics and prevent further tooth destruction. We use numerous types of filling materials depending of each individual clinical situation.

      The fillings materials we use include:

      • Composite Resin / White fillings
      • Glass Ionomer & Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Fillings
      • These Ionomer fillings release fluoride which actually help to prevent further tooth decay
      • Amalgam / Silver Fillings only when the tooth is severely damaged



      This is the practice of caring for your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. This helps to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear and so much more. There are many forms of preventive dentistry, such as daily brushing and professional dental cleaning. Routine check-ups and professional cleaning should be done every 6 months.

      • Oral hygiene instructions
      • Tooth scaling & polishing
      • Routine clinical exams with X-rays / radiographs



      Children friendly dentistry with the options of general anaesthesia or conscious seduction to avoid traumatising our precious little patients

      • Fissure sealants prevent decay on children’s newly erupted healthy permanent teeth
      • Interceptive and preventative orthodontics to prevent malocclusion / the teeth from growing skew / crooked / misaligned
      • Bite / occlusion correction with bite plates / occlusal guards


      Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery

      Oral and maxillofacial surgery specializes in surgery of the face, mouth and jaws.

      • Surgical and simple teeth extractions
      • Including upper and lower wisdom teeth extractions



      Periodontal disease is a spectrum of diseases of the supporting tissues which surround the teeth. Periodontal disease may mild to severe and may be localised or generalised.
      Treatment of periodontal disease includes:

      • Periodontal disease diagnosis & management
      • Oral hygiene, scaling and polishing
      • Root Planing
      • Tooth Hemisection
      • Tooth Root Amputation
      • Extraction if necessary



      Is the diagnosis & treatment of oral diseases.

      • A clinical history is taken and a biopsy is taken if necessary which is then sent to the oral pathologist for histopathology or cytological smears. This confirms the diagnosis of numerous oral conditions & diseases which allows for appropriate management of the oral disease and referral if necessary.



      We use digital dental radiographs / X-rays to optimise our patients treatment.

      • Clearer image quality for diagnosis
      • Reduced waiting time for our patients
      • Decreased radiation dose too